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Why Us?

Transparent Communication

It is very easy to remotely please the customers by under quoting prices or marketing them treks in off season, however that would require dishonest communication, a code of ethics we cannot break. At Hiking Adventure we make sure that from the point of contact we work to deliver you honest pricing, honest solutions even at the risk of losing out to competition. We believe in a long and trustful exchange with our clients which can be only delivered with transparent communication.

Customizable Itineraries

Our team knows that simply having standardized itineraries will not fulfill everyone, every customer/group is different and it our job to adapt the treks to your liking. Till date, Hiking Adventure has been successful in crafting a trek in the manner that suited both a 10 year and 72 years old in the same group. The essence of traveling with family is togetherness and we find a way for you to do that despite the age bracket.

Loved and cared for staff

We value our workforce because with their dedication to Hiking Adventure literary moves or lack of a better term climbs mountains.  As our goal is to use the employment opportunities of the industry to build strong-willed capable individuals we make sure that they get attracted to the industry by creating a fun-loving working atmosphere, we help them ignite the passion for travel and work towards keeping it burning.

Extremely Trained Staff

Hiking Adventure expects a standard of excellence in every work conducted, along with having trained guides who know the areas at the back of their hand we also encourage our staff to be facilitators. Running a business you need to attain multi-layered skills, it is not just enough to be trained professionals but identify the customers through the verbal and non-verbal cues they use. At Hiking Adventure we make sure that our staff member is good at picking these cues and go above and beyond to accommodate.

Highly Adaptable

Sometimes travel plans may fall through or turn out different from expectations, during such moments Hiking Adventure steps in. We take the spirit of adventure quite literary and taken any bad experience as an opportunity to be adaptable and present you with better things, our quick decision making has led for us to organize impromptu travel packages for our clients, either treks or meditation retreats, nothing is too of reach.

Aspire to be the best

One of our leading goals for the next 5 years is to be the best tourism company in the country, this comes with action and commitment one that we choose to exercise daily. In order to surpass the massive amount of competition, our company finds ways to tweak our service here and there to polish ourselves and hopefully become industry leaders. Organizing friendly dinners before the trip is just one such thing we do where we are able to form a personal connection with our clients. This has led to Hiking Adventure to experience many satisfied customers.

Building Community-Driven Social Responsibility

Our company organizes many capacity building for our workforce and the communities they come from, this is done with the hope that we are able to share our success with them. These training facilities have led to a previously uneducated community to slowly rise up. Using anecdotes from our workforce to intrigue new youths and attract them to the industry of limitless possibilities.


The way we do business helps of gain customer trust this trust later cultivates to friendships that last for a long time, we do a majority of our work through word of mouth and referrals, we have established such a strong base of past clienteles they send on their friends and family members to us. Our travelers have become our biggest source of credibility.

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