At a Glance
    • Explore the less-traveled trails of the Manaslu region, also known as the Hidden Valley.
    • Tsum Valley lies at an elevation of 1907 to 5095 meters above sea level.
    • Dive into the unique culture of Tsum Valley, encountering ancient monasteries and Gompas.
    • You will witness breathtaking vistas of majestic Hiunchuli, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Churke Himal, and Poshyop glacier.
    • The trails are adorned with Buddhist prayer flags, chortens, Mane walls, and experience a Tibetan-influenced lifestyle.
    • Marvel at cascading waterfalls, rivers, and traverse suspension bridges along the trails.
    • Interact with locals, including lamas, gaining insights into their distinctive way of life.
    • You’ll discover the Gurung and Tibetan culture and lifestyle.
    • Explore magnificent pine, rhododendron, and juniper forests along the trek.
    • Wildlife enthusiasts can spot animals like mountain goats, monkeys, musk deer, and Himalayan Thar.
    • Not to miss the natural hot spring at Tatopani Village.


    Tsum Valley Trek also renowned as the “hidden valley”, in the Nepal Himalayas is a sacred valley situated in Manaslu, in the lap of the Himalayas. Tsum means “vivid” as Tsum Valley is regarded as the holy place for Tibetan people. Tsum Valley Trek is one of the newest trekking routes in Nepal for foreigners which offers off-the-beaten trial experience with additionally gifted mountain views. Until 2008, no foreigners were allowed to enter this sacred valley. Therefore, Tsum Valley Trek allows trekkers to trek around the hidden valley of Nepal.

    The Tsum Valley remains untouched by modern development, allowing trekkers to witness its snowy remoteness and ancient ruins. The trek covers two secret village development committees: Chhekampar (upper Tsum) and Chumchet (lower Tsum). It’s a new homestay route in the Manaslu region, allowing you to explore the hidden valley and experience the typical culture of the Chum and Tibetan peoples. The trek offers a chance to connect with nature and immerse yourself in its rich natural beauty and diversity.

    Tsum Valley is located on the Manaslu Trekking Route and Great Himalaya Trails in northern Gorkha and borders Tibet. Hence, most of the people here are Tibetan. Tsum Valley has a polyandry culture running for generations. An interesting fact is that all the brothers in a family marry one girl as they believe it brings all the family together.


    The Tsum Valley Trek itinerary covers the Manaslu region, which borders Tibet. The trekking routes start from Arughat Bazaar passes and gorges that offer splendid views of Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Ngadi Chuli along with Boudha ranges and Manaslu Himal ranges. The trekkers will trek along dense forests of pine, rhododendron, juniper, birch, etc. They will get to be around a variety of floras and faunas. Tsum Valley Trek seeks to give trekkers a chance to trek along Buddhist monasteries, Chorten, Mani walls, and hamlets in the trekking route.
    You’ll cross suspension bridges, and explore typical villages, Gompas, stupas, and caves. Tsum Valley has its share of history with Buddhism. The trekkers will also get to visit ancient Buddhist monasteries like Dephyudonma Gompa, Rachen Gompa, Mu Gompa, and many others which are very important for people in Tsum Valley. Tsum Valley Trek is suitable for trekkers who seek thrills and have the guts to explore new places. Lying in one of the remotest places of Nepal, it offers its guests untouched scenic beauty and the opportunity to learn about the culture and tradition of this region.


    Thankfully the Tsum Valley Trek is considered to be of moderate difficulty. While it does not need severe hill climbing abilities it does involve some tough elements. The trek reaches a maximum elevation of 5095 meters (16732 feet) at Mu Gompa. Daily walks can range from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the itinerary. Acclimatization is vital to prevent altitude-related problems. The routes differ from distinct courses to sturdy surfaces. You'll experience high climbs as well as descents, rough areas as well as suspension bridges. Moderate health and fitness degrees are needed. Normal workouts as well as stamina-building tasks are advised before the walking. Despite the difficulties, the trek offers breathtaking sights, and cultural immersion together with special experiences.


    The Tsum Valley Trip is most enjoyable throughout the Springtime (March to Might) as well as Fall (September to November) periods.
    Throughout Spring, the weather conditions are moderately sunny with comfortable trekking conditions. You’ll witness over 30 species of rhododendrons bloom in the Tsum Valley during spring, creating a colorful landscape. Autumn, on the other hand, is defined by clear skies and also pleasant weather offering clear views of the mountains together with comfy temperature levels for trekking.

    You can learn about the traditional lifestyle of the locals during these seasons and meet friendly natives, lamas, and immerse yourself in their distinctive way of life. The trek also features suspension bridges, waterfalls, and cascading rivers.
    Both seasons offer unique experiences, whether it’s the vibrant cultural heritage or the serene natural beauty of the Tsum Valley. Choose the time that suits you best and embark on this remarkable trek.

    Winter treks are possible but require additional preparation.

    For more detailed information, refer to the Tsum Valley Trek itinerary or connect with our experienced trekking company, Hiking Adventure Treks. We offer personalized guidance and safety tips to ensure a memorable adventure.

    Upon your arrival in Tribhuwan International Airport, you will notice our staff outside the airport, waiting with your name card. After greeting, we will transfer you to your hotel on a private coach/jeep. Later, we will meet in the evening for a farewell dinner and brief the trek.

    • Max. Altitude:1300m
    • Accommodation:3-Star Hotel in Kathmandu
    • Meals:Welcome Dinner

    Today, we will tour the beautiful world heritage sites in Kathmandu. Included: An experienced English Speaking tour guide. You will learn a beautiful insight into Nepal and we will eventually be prepared for the trekking for the next day. Meet up in the evening for last minute details and preparation for the trek. Meet your trekking guide and travel team.

    • Meals:Breakfast

    After breakfast, prepare for a rather long drive to Arughat from Kathmandu. The trip will be mesmerizing as well as tiring. Enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the bus window as we approach Arughat. We will stop for short breaks and lunch on the way.

    • Max. Altitude:1300 m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Arughat
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    After breakfast, start on a beautiful journey. Cross the Budhi Gandaki suspension bridge and walk along the bazaar (market) famous among the locals. Pass a hydroelectricity plant and leave the village behind. Follow the trails to approach the Arkhet River. Cross the bridge and continue. Ascend and then descend to reach Kuerepani, and later to Soti Khola Village.

    • Max. Altitude:730m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Soti Khola
    • Meals:Breakfast, Farewell Dinner

    After a short walk, you will approach the beautiful pine forest. You will come across various waterfalls on the way, and the view of Budhi Gandaki river below is mesmerizing too. Arrive at Labubesi. You will ascend and descend to arrive at Machha Khola by the afternoon or early evening.

    • Max. Altitude:(870m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Machha Khola
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Today will be a bit difficult climb to Jagat as we ascend above 1400 meters at the end of the trip. Considering taking rest along the way and enjoy the beautiful views of forests, hills and the rivers. You also cross three suspension bridges and climb stone steps to reach Tharo Bharyang (Steep stairs). The climb further is also challenging as Jagat waits on the top for us. Rest your feet and enjoy the afternoon.

    • Max. Altitude:1440m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Jagat
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    After breakfast, we will arrive at the Annapurna Conservation Area checkpost, where our permits will be checked. After that, ascend to Salleri, then descend to Sirdibas. Cross the suspension bridge, then ascend to Philim. Continue along to reach Chisopani for overnight stay.

    • Max. Altitude:1660m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Chisopani
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Enjoy your breakfast and tighten your bags up. Cross the Ekle Bhatti gorge and descend down the trail. Later, climb again along the beautiful pine and rhododendron forest. Arrive at Lokpa. Himalchuli and Boudha peak are visible clearly from the village. Later, arrive at Gumlung, another beautiful village. Cross the river and continue towards Chumling.


    • Max. Altitude:2386m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Chumling
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Enjoy a beautiful walk along the majestic landscape. Mt. Ganesh (7140) is clearly visible and dominates the landscape. A rather short distance but significant climb awaits this day as you head towards Chhokangparo from Chumling. Overnight in Chumling.

    • Max. Altitude:3010m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Chhokangparo
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    It's rather pronounced as n-i-e-l-a-y rather than Nile (the river). In Nepali, this means blue. So don't be surprised by the color of the landscape when you reach Nile. Today's trip will be challenging as we reach the heights of more than 300o meters for the first time. Watch out for altitude sickness(opens in a new tab). After arriving at Nile, visit the local monastery in the region before settling for the night.

    • Max. Altitude:(3360m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Nile
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Take a beautiful hike up in the mountains, with views of both Nepali and Tibetan landscape along the way. Visit Mu Gompa and Dhepu Doma Gompa (Buddhist temples) when you reach the destination. Enjoy a beautiful afternoon in this mesmerizing land up on the mountains.

    • Max. Altitude:3770m
    • Accommodation:Tea House
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Explore the beautiful temples, mesmerizing lifestyle and culture of the Mu Gompa region. Later, take a hike to the base of Pika Peak. Enjoy the rest of the day.

    • Accommodation:Tea House in Mu Gompa
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Head for Burgi village along Chhule and Phurbe. Ascend Milarepa Cave for beautiful views of the Poshyop Glacier, Kipu Himal and Churke himal. Continue towards Burgi Village.

    • Max. Altitude:3245m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Burgi Village
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Back trek to Chumling.

    • Accommodation:Tea House in Chumling
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    After breakfast, continue towards Lokpa. Enjoy lunch at Lokpa. Then, continue along the trail. You arrive at Samba Falls. After a considerate walking, arrive at Philim.

    • Max. Altitude:1,570m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Philim
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Today we will pass through the popular trekking spots in the region, tatopani (hot water) and Jagat. Start descending and leave the alpine vegetation behind. The landscape starts turning green as we move along. Take a dip in tatopani. Later, arrive at Khorlabesi.

    • Max. Altitude:930m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Khorlabesi
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Back trek to Soti Khola.

    • Max. Altitude:730m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Soti Khola
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    Leave behind the Budhi Gandaki valley and trek for a good 4 hours to reach the town of Arughat. Yay, it's the final trekking day. Take rest and enjoy hot showers at the tea house. Enjoy and celebrate with warm dinner and a sense of accomplishment. We've traveled a lot.

    • Max. Altitude:570m
    • Accommodation:Tea House in Arughat
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

    After breakfast, get into the bus bound to Kathmandu. The trip will be 7 hours long and similar to the bus trip we took into the region. Once in Kathmandu, get to your hotel and take a good rest. Meet in the evening for farewell dinner and celebration.

    • Accommodation:3-Star Hotel in Kathmandu
    • Meals:Breakfast and Lunch

    As per your flight itinerary, we will arrange for your drop at the Tribhuwan International Airport. Fly back home with a lot of memories.

    • Meals:Breakfast
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