At a Glance
    • Lumbini is a peaceful and also serene place that draws visitors from all over the world to be delighted in its tranquil environment.
    • As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is of interest to a diverse range of visitors, whether they are on a spiritual quest or simply exploring. 
    • Known as the epicenter of peace, Lumbini is celebrated as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, whose teachings resonate with people worldwide. 
    • Emperor Ashoka built a pillar during his visit to Lumbini. The pillar has writings in the old Brahmi language, highlighting that Lumbini is where Buddha was born.
    • You can practice meditation, explore spirituality, or just be a tourist here. 
    • Lumbini is connected to all locations associated with Gautam Buddha’s life, including his birthplace, childhood home, and the site of his enlightenment.

    Lumbini, situated in the Western part of Nepal, holds great importance as the reputed birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the revered founder of Buddhism. This sacred pilgrimage destination brings in devoted Buddhists and curious seekers alike, attracted by its historical and spiritual charm.

    Central to Lumbini's appeal is the Mayadevi Temple noting the exact site where Queen Mayadevi is believed to have brought Siddhartha Gautama to life. Adjacent stands the Ashoka Pillar, evidence of Emperor Ashoka's admiration, decorated with inscriptions highlighting Lumbini's value. The Ashoka Pillar provides historical significance about Lumbini, which could have otherwise been lost in the ruins of civilization.

    The Sacred Garden covering the holy place is a serene sanctuary, including a pond where Queen Mayadevi is stated to have bathed before childbirth. 
    Likewise, visitors come across monasteries from different Buddhist countries which stand as tributes of worldwide appreciation within this expanse. Meanwhile, the Lumbini Museum offers a glimpse into Buddhism's history with its collection of artifacts plus antiques.
    Pilgrimage tours to Lumbini offer guided exploration of these sacred sites, fostering opportunities for reflection and meditation. 

    Lumbini's standing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site highlights its global value guaranteeing its preservation for future generations. For Nepali individuals it stands as a source of national pride, celebrating their land as the birthplace of a spiritual light.

    Lumbini includes the significance of Buddhism, offering pilgrims a journey right into its origins and teachings. In the middle of its relaxed environments and abundant historical tapestry, it attracts seekers of all backgrounds to discover its midsts and locate relief in its spiritual welcome. This place provides a great sense of spirituality as millions of Buddhist followers make a pilgrimage tour to Lumbini in search of their roots and beliefs.

    Flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa takes 35 mints and from there it is 30 mints drive to Lumbini. One can also drive to Lumbini (321 km / 8 hrs) from Kathmandu. Overnight in Hotel

      The UNESCO World heritage site of Lumbini is developed under master plan in the area of 6 Km x 2 km. We will start our tour from the 'New Tourist village and visit the World peace pagoda and museum. This is also the pilgrimage concept of master plan to introduce Buddhism and purify mind through monastic zone. Monasteries of Mahayani and Teravadi Buddhism are spread across the cannon. Finally visit the Mayadevi temple protecting the 'Marker Stone', Statue of nativity scene and ruins of old temple walls dating from 3rd BC to 12 AD. Asoka pillar still displays the inscriptions explaining his visit to the birth place of Buddha.

        Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites of Tilaurakot, Gotihawa, Kudan, Niglihara and Sagarhawa. Tilaurakot is the ancient Kapilavastu - the capital of Shakyas, where Buddha spent his first 29 years. Kudan was where Buddha was received by his father after his access to enlightenment. King Suddhodana specially built the Kudan (Nigrodharma Park) for the accommodation of the Buddha and his followers. Gotihawa is the birth place of Krakuchanda Buddha. Niglihawa is where Kanakmuni Buddha was born. Sagarhawa is the archaeological findings as "place of the massacre of the Shakyas". Overnight in Lumbini

          Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites at Devdaha and Ramagram. Devdaha is the ancient capital of the Koliya kingdom. It is the maternal hometown of Queen Mayadevi (mother), Prajapati Gautami (stepmother), Princess Yasodhara (consort) and where Prince Siddhartha had spent his childhood. Ramgrama is the brick mound on the bank of the Jharahi River. It is seven meter high brick stupa consisting of relic (one of the eight astha dhatu) of Lord Buddha. The Stupa was built by the king of Ramgrama, who was the eighth king to obtain the Buddha's relics

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