Dolpo Trekking

If you want to avoid crowds, if you want a quieter trekking trail, then head to the Dolpo region to be far away even from villages and enjoy the pleasant side of nature in order to experience unforgettable trekking in the land of the Tibetans not in Tibet but in Nepal.

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Trip to the Dolpo Trek, is a fascinating trip nestled in the far reaches of Nepal's western Himalayas, a journey less traveled, making it one of the most exclusive treks in Nepal. This fully guided trek offers an opportunity to explore a plethora of attractions, making it a top choice for trekkers worldwide. How many trekkers have conquered this trekking trail; you can count on your fingers? The trail, nestled near the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Ranges, takes you through the world’s highest plateau, the Tibetan.

Whatever is hidden, you can call it isolation. Isolation means remoteness, and when the landscape has these two qualities, the place becomes a popular trek destination for Westerners. Every night you spend your time in this landscape. You can call it a worth spending night, once in a lifetime opportunity. Following the trail, you head in the direction that takes you to the lake as well as into the region where the Bon religion is practiced; its history dates back more than 10,000 years old.

This region presents some of the best views of Nepal, unseen in other parts. The unique landscape formations and the annual explorations by trekkers raise the question - why is the Upper Dolpo Trek considered an offbeat yet premier trek in Nepal? Each landscape is extraordinary, with some areas remaining completely untouched by tourists.

The wild Tibetan plateau is home to the world’s deepest lake and incredible snow-capped mountains. The trekking trail passes through charming villages, high passes, and ancient monasteries, and sometimes ascends beyond 5000 meters. The trail becomes iconic as it passes by Phoksundo Lake and Shey Gompa, offering spectacular views of the plateau and valley. One thing is certain, the Tibetan culture is ever-present throughout the trek.

For a solo trekker, the trekking trails of the Lower Dolpo are likely to appear unmarked, but for us, it is a road to our daily activity. We have immersed ourselves with its wilderness for the outdoor adventurers coming from different parts of the world who want to experience the past, the life of the 10th century. For many years, we have been showing them the natural beauty of the Lower Dolpo like the pristine mountain views, stunning lake, and beautiful landscapes that you would like to add to your bucket list if not today then certainly in the future. Over there, the trekking trail takes you to a high altitude, and standing with a tiring leg, you find the mountain views rewarding. The region is often called the “Hidden Treasure of Nepal.”

As you travel through the Upper Dolpo, you’ll find landscapes reminiscent of a mini Tibet. This region is also known as the desert or rain-shadow area of Nepal. Mother Nature’s blessed this part of Nepal with abundant blessings as it offers numerous of activities for beginner, intermediate, and advanced trekkers.

The trekking trail leads you to the habitats of the elusive snow leopards. Engage with your trekking guide and discover the hundreds of attractions in the Upper Dolpo region. You are an adventure junkie, and we help you to explore the rich ecosystem of the Upper Dolpo region and appreciate the precious gifts of Mother Nature.