At a Glance
    • Rolwaling Valley lies in the east-central part of Nepal, west of Khumbu, along the Tibetan border.
    • It is often described as “the grave” by indigenous Sherpas due to its location— hidden in between high ice titans.
    • Rolwaling Trek is one of the seven hidden valleys in the Himalayas, offering a unique traveling experience.
    • The expedition is known for its rugged trails, dizzying suspension bridges, impressive gorges, and steep paths.
    • Rolwaling continues to be beautiful as well as unexplored making it an excellent choice for those looking for solitude as well as raw all-natural elegance.
    • Enjoy breathtaking views of Everest, Gauri Shankar, Makalu, Nuptse, and more.
    • Cross the high passes of Tashi Lapcha and ascend Pachermo Peak.
    • Explore glacial lakes, waterfalls, and isolated villages bringing discoveries every day.
    • Along the way, you’ll come across traditional villages inhabited by Sherpa, Tamang, and Chhetri communities.
    • Locals share charming tales about the elusive Yeti, adding an air of mystery to the trek.
    • Whether you're attracted by the attraction of the Yeti or the unblemished Himalayan landscapes the Rolwaling Trek guarantees experience, social experiences, as well as long-lasting memories.


    In the eastern part of Nepal, the popular adventure route is called Rolwaling Trekking is a sub-range of the Himalayas. Rolwaling trekking is located in the north-central part of Nepal and extends into south-central Tibet. The highest mountain in the range is Melungtse (7,181 meters), located on the Tibetan side. The trek is known for its challenging terrain, including steep ascents, rocky trails, and high mountain passes.

    It's distinguished for its remote and also beautiful wild supplying awesome sights of towering optimals, ice caverns along lavish alpine woodlands. The trekking provides spectacular views of majestic mountains including Gauri Shankar (7,134 meters), Melungtse (7,181 meters), as well as Tashi Lapcha Pass (5,755 meters). The Rolwaling Valley itself is an attractive landscape decorated with rhododendron woodlands and terraced areas along beautiful rivers.
    The Rolwaling Valley is fairly much less often visited by tourists compared to other popular trekking areas in Nepal, offering trekkers beautiful all-natural environments, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Along the trail, you will certainly have the possibility to engage with regional Sherpa and Tamang communities experiencing their unique culture with hospitality.

    The trek is excellent for adventure enthusiasts seeking a thrilling and off-the-beaten-path experience. From going across suspension bridges over raging rivers to outdoor camping in remote high-altitude areas, daily on the Rolwaling trek brings new adventures together with explorations.


    Gauri Sankar (7,145 m) is the second highest peak of the range and is located on the Nepal-Tibet border. About 20 km to the Northeast of the Rowaling Himal is the Khumbu Himal, which includes Mount Everest (8,848M) and Cho Oyu (8,201 m).

    The Rolwaling range is bounded on the south by the Rolwaling Valley which contains several small villages and Beding, the largest town in the area. Access to the valley and the mountains of the range is made on foot through an established trail system starting at Charikot (80 km east of Kathmandu).


    The Rolwaling Trek is strenuous and requires physical fitness and mental endurance. It involves both trekking and basic peak climbing skills. The trail takes you through glacial lakes, moraines, and thick forests. Only hardy trekkers or professionals are recommended for this adventure. This trek requires good physical fitness and trekking experience due to its high altitude and technical difficulties.

    The scenery is tremendous every inch of the way. On the east side of the glacier is a range of mountains well over 6000m. The Teshi Lapcha La goes through these mountains by the foot slopes of Patchamo. The descent on the other side is steep and very rough through boulder fields.

    Sometimes the trail is difficult to find until you reach Thyangbo Kharka, a very lonely dwelling on the route to Thame, and then onto Namche Bazaar which is the main route to Everest Base Camp Trek the most wanted route in the world. From Kathmandu, over the Teshi Lapcha and down to Lukla Airstrip, Khumbu Region takes 18 days, before the interminable wait for a flight back to Kathmandu.


    The Spring (March to May), as well as Autumn (September to November), are the suitable seasons for the Rolwaling Trip. Throughout springtime, the rhododendron forests bloom creating a vivid scene. The trails are typically much less crowded compared to the peak trekking season in Autumn providing a more serene experience.

    Autumn indulges you in clear skies, exceptional visibility, and also enjoyable temperature levels. The weather is amazing and also completely dry making it excellent for trekking long distances as well as going across high mountain passes like the Tashi Lapcha Pass.

    During winter months (December to February) trekking in the Rolwaling Valley can be awarded for experienced trekkers looking for a challenging experience. While the temperature level degrees can go down considerably, the routes are frequently quieter enabling a more peaceful and solitary trekking experience. Nonetheless, trekkers ought to be ready for cold temperatures and potential snowfall, in addition to the chances of trail closures because of harsh climate.
    The most effective period for taking a trip and also exploring the Rolwaling Valley walking greatly relies on your preferences as well as what you aim to experience throughout your journey.

    Flying back from Lukla to Kathmandu

    The back journey will be exciting in itself, as Lukla is regarded as one of the most challenging and unpredictable airstrips in the world. We literally fly between high hills and mountains. As we leave Lukla Airstrip beyond the clouds and the mountains, we will slowly descend towards Kathmandu Valley, at the Tribhuwan International Airport’s domestic terminal. It is possible to reverse the route but the climb up to the pass from the Solu Khumbu is very steep and long. The essential acclimatization days in this wild terrain would be uncomfortable and frustrating and a challenging ascent.

    Accommodation and Other Options at the Rolwaling Trek

    A tea house trek from Charikot to Beding will normally take seven to ten days. A fantastic but strenuous camping-style expedition can be made through the Rolwaling Himal to cross the Teshi Lapcha La (5,755m) and into the Solukhumbu. The trek must be properly equipped for extensive snow and ice travel, with at least one climbing Sherpa in the group. The result will be very rewarding in terms of cultural exposure and visual drama.
    Even though you may not intend to climb the mountain, a climbing Permit will be required for Patchamo (beside the Teshi Lapcha) to allow access to the upper part of the valley beyond the Tsho Rolpa. The preferred approach is to walk in from the bus terminal at Dolakha (near Charikot), about 7 hours from Kathmandu for Rolwaling Trekking. The trail is very well-defined and used by porters and shepherds going up to the summer Kharkas, or grazing pastures, at Beding.

    The last habitation is at Na (4180m). From here on in, it can snow any time so patience is required which also will help with the essential acclimatization). The Tsho Rolpa is an awesome ice lake held back by terminal moraine. The unmarked route goes along the Trakarding Glacier, then climbs steeply up onto the Drolambau Glacier.

    The town of Lukla caters well to the visitors with comfortable inns to enjoy a decent meal before we continue trekking towards our ultimate destination.

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