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Are you planning to take a trip to Nepal, India, Bhutan and other gems of South Asia? We are here to facilitate your trip with guarantee of maximum immersion, authentic experience and better navigate the exotic terrains. As you plan to embark on exhilarating trek routes, immersive tours and exciting adventures, take some time to understand what we do differently to make our travel adventures a great choice.

Transparent Communication

We quote you reasonable prices, recommend the best season and provide full assistance during your trip. We stay in constant communication while you travel. At Hiking Adventure, we deliver you reasonable pricing and honest solutions even at the risk of losing out to competition. We believe in a long and trustful exchange with our clients through transparent communication.

Customizable Itineraries

Want us to customize a trip for you? Write to us.

Simply having standardized itineraries do not fulfill everyone. Every customer/group has unique preference and interest – and we make it our duty to adapt to them. We craft trips that can fit a 10 year old kid and 72 year old person in the same group. The essence of traveling with family is togetherness and we find a way for you to do that despite the age bracket. We customise trips based on your input.

Loved and Cared for Staff

We value our workforce. We create and build employment opportunities for the local people in tourism sector. Strong-willed individuals are turned into capable travel experts through trainings, workshops, practical action and of course a warm working atmosphere. We help ignite the passion for work and keeping it burning among our staff.


Well-Trained Human Resource

Hiking Adventure expects a standard of excellence in every work conducted. And this is because of our roaster of well trained staff and guides who know their work by the back of their hand. We encourage our staff to be facilitators with multi-layered skills. It is just not enough to be trained professionals but necessary to identify the customer needs through the verbal and non-verbal clues. At Hiking Adventure we make sure that our staff member goes above and beyond to accommodate and facilitate.


Sometimes travel plans fall through or turn out different from expectations. During such moments, Hiking Adventure steps in. We take the spirit of adventure and find opportunity from such experience through adaptability and improvisation. Our quick decision making has led us organize impromptu travel packages for our clients, either treks or meditation retreats – nothing is out of reach.

Aspiring to be the best

One of our leading goals for the next 5 years is to be the best tourism company in the country, and expand our services further in India, Tibet and Bhutan. This comes with action and commitment that we exercise daily. In order to stand out in the highly competitive market, we do intensive research to tweak our service for better. Organizing friendly dinners before the trip is just one such thing we do where we are able to form a personal bond with our clients. We have a warm cluster of satisfied customers.

Building Community-Driven Social Responsibility

Our company organizes several capacity building programmes for our workforce and the community. We share our success with them. This team-spirit has helped us create job opportunities for local community and spread help and empowerment through our Social Responsibility Programmes. We continuously train and recruit new youths to the industry of limitless possibilities.


We work with customer trust. It helps us cultivate friendships and that goes beyond business. Our work thrives through the word of mouth of our worldwide supporters. We are backed up by a strong base of past clienteles who recommend their friends and family members to travel with us. Our Travel Community is our our biggest source of credibility.