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Tibet is one of the most fascinating destinations of the world. This ancient land has remained secluded in its mysteries for centuries.

Only since early 1980s did this 'forbidden land' open its fantastic vistas of diverse topography, culture and people to the outside world. Known as the roof of the world, this mystical kingdom of fantasy in the heart of Asia has captured man’s imagination as no other land has.

Our trips to Tibet take you to extraordinary places of cultural and religious interest. We introduce you to the highest monasteries on the earth and to the pious monks and the nomadic herdsmen of the Tibetan plateau.

With us, you can circumambulate the axis of the world, Mt. Kailash and take in the are some sight of Mt. Everest and other highest mountains in the world.'Shangri La', 'the Rooftop of the World' - locked away in its Himalayan fortress, Tibet has long exercised a siren's hold on the imagination of the West. Tibetans are used to hardship, and despite the disastrous Chinese occupation, they have managed to keep their culture and humour alive.

Travel in Tibet comes with some ludicrous permit requirements. The present Chinese policy on individual tourism in Tibet seems to be one of extorting as much cash as possible from foreigners.

However, not so much as to scare them off completely.

Full country name: Tibet (Xizang), People's Republic of China

Area: 1.2 million sq km. Population: 2.7 million.

Language: Cantonese, Tibetan, Mandar in

Facts for the Traveler Visas: All individuals entering Tibet must hold a passport valid for at least six months. Entering Tibet from Nepal or by air from another country requires a separate visa valid for Tibet from a Chinese embassy. You have to get a group visa (minimum of two people in a group and you must leave China with this person unless you can change the visa inside China), arranged by an agent and enter on a tour. Be aware that permit and visa regulations for Tibet may change every year, sometimes every month, and are notoriously hard to keep track of.

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +8,

Dialling Code: 86,

Electricity: 220V, 50Hz,

Weights & measures: Metric.

How to Reach Tibet

Air:Kathmandu to Lhasa From April to October there are 2 flights a week available between the Kathmandu and Lhasa. Schedule air services fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, and back every Tuesday and Saturdays.

This flight last a little over one hour and gives you a panoramic view of the Himalayas.Land:Kathmandu to Lhasa, As with the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the China-Nepal Friendship Highway is a popular route for travelers.

This route brings you close to a number of famous sights, such as Shigatse, Gyantse, and the Everest Base Camp (Tingri).

Tibet is one of the most fascinating destinations of the world. This ancient land has remained secluded in its

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