5 Interesting Things About Nepal – Nepal Facts

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Nepal facts. 5 interesting things about Nepal is a brief article comprised of some unique features of the South Asian Himalayan country.

Nepal’s Flag is non-rectangular

Nepal is the only country in the world with a non-rectangular flag. The national flag of Nepal is Red with a Blue border around the unique shape of two overlapping right triangles. The Red color represents the Rhododendron (Nepal’s National Flower). It is a sign of Victory and Bravery. The blue color on the border symbolizes the peace and harmony. The upper triangle of the Flag consists of Moon and on the lower consists of Sun which together represents Permanence and HOPE that Nepal will last as long as the Sun and the Moon.


Namaste- The Greetings

Namaste is the standard greeting in Nepal. It can mean hello, good bye and thank you. People put their palms together and then bow their forehead, and say “Namaste.” Namaste means, ‘I salute the God in you’.


Kumari- The Living goddess

Kumari means virgin in Nepali and is the tradition of worshiping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy in Hindu religious traditions.

An Independent country

Having been protected by the bravest warriors of the world, Gurkhas, Nepal has never been under any foreign invasion. Thus, Nepal does not celebrate any Independent day.

Nepal beholds a number of world records

  • Mount Everest, the highest peak 8848 m, in the world.
  • Tilicho Tal (lake), the highest lake on the earth at the height of 4800m.
  • Shey Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake of 145m at the height of 3600m.
  • The deepest gorge 1200m in the world is in Kalidanki river.
  • Arun valley, the highest valley on the Earth.