Manaslu Tsum valley

Manaslu Tsum Valley

Manaslu Tsum valley and ganesh Himal trek lies on same region and same routes which is also under the the great Himalayan trails which is a beautiful Himalayan trekking  adventure perfect for soul travelers. This region is an  alternative to Annapurna Circuit Trek these days lot of travelers choosing manaslu circuit trek a challenging trek for adventure seekers. Exploring the  region of the 8th highest mountain in the world is worthwhile  with remoteness, serenity and less crowd. It’s a peaceful  adventure. Journey through the river and high mountain valleys towards the remote Himalayan setting and walk over a high mountain pass quench the travel thirst like no other destinations can. While you are on this adventure, you will experience one of the best remote mountain trekking experiences in the world. The trek that starts with a river valley walk takes you higher to the mountain wilderness and eventually on top of the Larke Pass at the elevation of 5,106 meters above sea level. Although the adventure goes in thereg is on Mt. Manaslu (8,156m), the trek doesn’t follow base camp on the regular trail. However, you can hike to the Manaslu base camp on the acclimatization day along the trail. To commence this trek the Arught Bazaar is main gateway of Manaslu Tsum valley also requires MCAP permit and special permit issued from department of Immigration.