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Kathmandu Crawls up to top 5 destinations worth traveling in 2019

Figure 1: The word “Nepal” originally referred to the valley of Kathmandu. As it was annexed to a larger kingdom, the whole country was named after this spectacular valley.

Kathmandu, a city with a prosperous culture and historical significance, has made it to the 5th position of top-10 travel destinations for 2019 by Lonely Planet. It’s a great news for as the himalayan capital continues to receive immense love from the locals as well as the travelers.

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Moves to calm the city’s infamous traffic, smog and noise have made Kathmandu more liveable than it has been in decades. There’s even reliable electricity and Wi-Fi as bonus creature comforts in the atmospheric and maze-like alleyways of the old city. – Lonely Planet

A decade of the famous Hippie movement (1960-1970) popularized Kathmandu. The beauty of the valley remained no longer a secret. Travelers went as far to choose to settle in the beautiful valley for the simpler and peaceful lifestyle.

Experience a Nation within a Nation: Kathmandu Valley is filled with people from all parts of the country. A diverse multi-cultural practice exists side by side. Different types of traditional, modern and postmodern festivals are celebrated. Traditional Newari Jatras, festivals of the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim as well as Christianity decorate the city through the year. Many of these festivals are public and are as inclusive as they are diverse.

A local dancing as a Newar deity during Kumari Jatra festival in Kathmandu

Kumari Jatra, a festival in September celebrated by Newars and Hindus of Kathmandu, calls for a spectacular view as locals dress up as deities and worship the living goddess of Kathmandu, Kumari.

Stroll the city of Temples and World Heritage Sites: There used to be a time when there were more temples in the city than the people. There are seven cultural monuments spread across the valley listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They all play significant importance in the lives of the people.

Patan durbar square premise in Kathmandu, Nepal

Patan Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the south-western district of the valley.

The Pashupatinath Temple is considered the foundation for the peace and stability for the whole nation, and the purest institution for Hindu believers. Swayambhunath and Boudhanath represent the expansion of Buddhism in the valley. Three different historic palaces (Durbar Squares) stand tall along with occasional jatras (festivals) sparkling up the squares locals and visitors observing the uniqueness.

Step into the Gateway of Nepal: Kathmandu is the only international airport in the country, making it a gateway to Nepal for all air travelers. The city has thus transferred itself to accommodate people from all cultures. Locals are friendlier and understand the importance of sharing their lifestyle and culture with the rest of the world. Kathmandu is the base before and after your adventure into the wild.



It is equipped with modern and well-facilitated hotels, hospitals, restaurants with diverse food choice, and even job and business opportunities for people from all over the world.

International Airport under construction in Bhairahawa, Nepal

Design of international airport under construction in the western part of the country.


Experience the blend of Religions and cultures: Both Buddhists and Hindus own the valley with their own version of the origin story. It is not strange to see a Hindu visiting Buddhist Monasteries and Shrines, and vice-versa. Hindus worship the Buddhist deity as their own and the Buddhists do the same. There are also a significant amount of Islam and Christian Believers and the presence of mosques and churches if you know where to look.

Many Buddhists in Nepal consider the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu to be earthly incarnations of the Buddha: and Hindus believe Gautama Buddha is the incarnation of their deity Vishnu.


Accessibility: Nagarkot, a quiet hill providing incredible hiking, cycling and the spectacular view of mountains and sunrise, is just an hour drive from Kathmandu. A 4-hour bus ride will take you to the world’s second-highest natural bungee-jumping spot.

Similarly, Langtang Valley Trek, Kathmandu Valley Tour, and Rafting and Kayaking are some of the best experience that you can access with super-ease and comfort from Kathmandu itself.

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Kathmandu Crawls up to top 5 destinations worth traveling in 2019

Figure 1: The word “Nepal” originally referred to the valley of Kathmandu. As it was..