Destination Khopra Danda Trek

Khopra Danda Trek

Khopra Danda Trek or Khopra Ridge Trek/ Khayar lake Trek  attractive tourist destination

Khopra Danda Trek or Khopra Ridge Trek , located at the Annapurna Range in Annapurna Gaonpalika-5 Sikha Village of Myagdi District is an attractive tourist destination of Myagdi. It is 3,600 meters above sea level. From here, white mountains like silver can be seen in front of the eyes. The scenic Khopra trek with its scenic beauty is a potential tourist destination in Gandaki . The natural beauty has brought more splendor to the beauty here.

Dozens of mountains and hills including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna South, Nilgiri attract tourists. The scenery from Khopralek on the top of the hill is even more beautiful. Along with the natural beauty, the collectively grown chauri also attracts tourists.

Aiming at the year 2020, the locals have prepared to welcome and entertain the visiting guests. The locals have collectively run community hotels for the comfortable accommodation of the visitors coming to Khopra Trek. The locals are collectively involved in the construction of additional infrastructure targeting the year of visit.

Community footpaths have been developed on all routes to Khopra. Khopra can be reached by observing the beautiful ecological villages on the community footpath. Khopra can be reached in five days via Dhampus-Ghandruk-Dowato-Waheli-Dandkharka of Kaski. Apart from this, Khopra Trek can be reached in four days via Beni-Vaskhark-Nangi-Mahredanda, Phulbari, Swat-Dadkhark, the district headquarters of Myagdi. On the other hand, you can reach Khopra in two days by stepping on hot water. Here the communities have built community footpaths by raising donations.

Similarly, another route can be taken from Dadkharka to Khopra via Kaski’s new bridge – Ulleri – Ghorepani. Tourists who reach Khopra trek reach Bhurung Tataponi on foot and enjoy the hot water pool. Another way is to get hot water from Khopra through Lechagaun-Beshi village of Narchang. However, some tourists visit Ghodepani or Mahre Danda and pass through Nagi-Lespar-Purnagaun.

Crocodile culture, observation of costumes and warm hospitality on the footpath alleviate the fatigue of tourists. Khayrabharani Lake, another six-hour trek from Khopra Lake, is another important destination. Rudra Bahadur Punmagar, a social worker of Paundhar, says that Khopra Lake has become an additional tourist attraction as tea houses, campaigning and homestay facilities are available at various places along the community footpath.

The community lodges opened on the initiative of the locals have no problem for the tourists to stay and eat. Accountant of the Khopra Community Lodge Narayan Pun said that the lodge has a capacity of 50 Tourist.

Well-equipped hotels, roads, etc. have become necessary infrastructure for tourists on the trekking route. This trekking route has become very comfortable for the tourists after adequate food and accommodation and road maintenance have been improved in the trekking area for the tourists, said Annapurna Village Chairman Damba Bahadur Pun. Pun said that the village municipality has made a plan for the construction of physical infrastructure and publicity in Khopra.

Guest houses have been built with private and community investment in Dandkharka, Mahre, Khopra and Swata Lagaet. The Beni-Nagi-Khopra ‘Eco Footpath’ is an additional attraction for tourists as an alternative footpath to the beautiful and exciting area like Annapurna Footpath. Locals provide warm hospitality to the tourists by giving homestay to the villages of Banskhark, Nagi, Tikot, Khiwang, Swata and Narchang Lagaet within the 14-day long trekking trail from Nagi-Mahredanda-Ghorepani-Swata-Khopra-Khairbarahatal to Beni via Narchang-Tatopani. All the villages where homestays are operated on footpaths are Magar majority settlements.

Chitrapun Tijila, coordinator of the community footpath, said that a visit to the area would be fruitful for sunrise and sunset views in Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges, yak farming, jungle trekking, sightseeing of mountain lakes and natural beauty of wildlife and birds and study of biodiversity.

The main attraction of the footpath is the high Khopra Trek. Locals say that it is still necessary to build physical infrastructure and develop footpaths in Khopra Trek. A free internet service has also been launched on the initiative of Mahavir Pun to facilitate the trekker.