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thorung la pass trekking in nepal

Major Attractions in Nepal

Published On: March 28, 2019

Reasons to travel Nepal are several. Every year thousands of people visit Nepal’s historical sites, natural scenarios, mountain peaks, and hidden valleys. To sum it all up, here are top 10 reasons why you should visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime.

1. First see and learn the culture of Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu, the largest city of Nepal. It is famous for the religious monuments that have been around for centuries. One can find temples, monasteries, shrines, gompas, stupas and palaces located all over the city. Kathmandu is also home to various modern museums and art galleries such as The National museum, the National Art Gallery, the Natural History Museum, the Kaiser library, the Taragon Museum, the Nepal Art Council Gallery and many more.

2. Trek to Mt. Everest base camp

Mount Everest base camp trek is a dream that looks impossible, that seems unachievable and which is a dream for every mountain lovers. Hiking Adventure Treks in Nepal is exactly doing that, they are fulfilling the dreams of millions of mountain lovers to reach on top of the world on their feet. The official Nepalese name of Mount Everest is Sagarmatha which means “mother of the Universe”. From sea level to Mount Everest Summit is almost 5.5 miles and in height it is 8848m. The tallest mountain peak in the world.

3. Visit Boudhanath Stupa on your Nepal Trip
Boudhanath Stupa is the largest stupa in Nepal. Located about 5 kilometres in a straight line to the north-east of central Kathmandu, the Boudhanath Stupa is the second holiest site for Tibetan Buddhists, right after Tibet. Each part of the building represents stages to the path of enlightenment, with the eyes painted on each side of the gilded tower showing the all-knowing nature of the Buddha as well as the elements of earth, water, fire, air and other.

4. Trekking to Annapurna circuit region

The Annapurna Circuit is one of the world’s best hiking routes, starting in Pokhara. If you want to catch the rhododendrons in full bloom, book your trek for March or mid-April with Hiking Adventure Treks. The Annapurna is a challenging region for hikers, with trekking usually lasting between three and nine hours per day. It covers between 160-230km at an altitude of 5,416m on the Thorung La Pass, touching the edge of the Tibetan plateau.

5. The Bird watching Destinations
Bird watching in Nepal is so popular that every year the bird lovers and visitors come to Nepal. it is a very popular habit and Nepal is one of the famous destination for Bird Watching! Hiking Adventure Treks organizes the bird watching tour in Nepal with the best designed itinerary package for you. We have been promoting bird watching trip with much enthusiasm and dedication to the people of wildlife and birding interest.

6. Nepalese recipes and Nepalese food
Nepalese food possesses the most delicious and unique style of taste. The varieties of ingredients it has are not common and used in all types of food. Nepalese food is not only rich in its taste but reflects the wide variety of culture and traditions. The common ingredients include lentils, tomatoes, cumin, potatoes, yogurt, and garlic.

7. Watching the wildlife in Nepal.
Nepal is one of the leading destinations in South Asia for wildlife Safaris. The wildlife of Nepal can be divided into two categories, common and protected. Commonly protected species refers to those that are commonly spotted in the wild like leopards, spotted deer, the Himalayan tahr, blue sheep among others. There are many resorts in close to proximity to the parks that offer these activities in their packages.

8. The History and The Architecture of Nepal

Nepal is many things: the birthplace of Buddha, the country with more than 10 world heritage sites, the land of living goddess ‘Kumari’. Each of these places have their own stories, and their own unique architecture.

9. Very friendly Nepalese People
Nepalese people are generally very friendly. Press your hands together and say Namaste to watch the people of Nepal return your gesture with some of the largest most welcoming smiles in the world. The best ways to meet the people of Nepal are during trekking, strolling the streets of the cities and during one of several day tours offered by local tourism operators.

10. Pashupatinath Temple- Greatest Hindu Temple in Nepal

Pashupatinath Temple, the largest Hindu temple worshipping the Hindu God Shiva who is known as Pashupati that means the master of the whole universe, is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in Nepal. Located at the bank of the Bagmati River, 5km northwest of Kathmandu City. Visit Pashupatinath Temple for an out-of-this-world experience.

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