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playing holi in Pokhara

8 Incredible Festivals in Nepal to celebrate in 2020

Published On: January 11, 2020

Nepal is a small landlocked country in South Asia sandwiched between India and China. In Nepal, people following different religions live in peace and harmony. We have 4 castes and 36 sub castes resulting in many festivals and jatras. All the people celebrate the festivals in Nepal regardless of which community or caste they belong to. People from other parts of the world who visit Nepal are often dazzled by the humbleness of Nepalese and their happiness. 

Here, we are going to share with you the major festivals celebrated in Nepal and the interesting stories behind their celebration.

In the lunar year 2076, thirty-two festivals in Nepal come with National holiday and celebration. In addition, there are hundreds of them celebrated according to various ethnicity, demography and territory.

Holi and Tihar are almost the most globally popular festivals in Nepal. The first one, because of the colors, and the second one, because of the lights. Then, we have Dashain which is known to much people. Dashain and Tihar are also famous among tourists as these usually fall during the best season (Autumn; Oct-Nov) in Nepal for both trekking and tours. As a traveler, you will find the festivals listed below significant and participatory. Let’s have a look.

Gaijatra – Festival of the Deceased

Festival highlights: comedy standup events, street festivals, dancing & liquors

In an attempt to light up his mourning queen, an ancient Malla king Pratap Malla of the Kathmandu valley introduced Gaijatra, where people of Kathmandu take up the streets of Kathmandu with joy and laughter.

A cow or a boy dressed up as cow is a common sight, signaling to life after death as family members of the deceased find joys in the communal loss and that they are not the only one. Participating and observing could elevate your own pain or suffering as you feel a communal support to elevate your spirit. Bring some sweets, food and drinks to offer the participants that tour the city as a nice gesture.

When and where: 16th of August, the streets of Kathmandu (Basantapur), Patan, Bhaktapur and Kirtipur.

Indra Jatra (Yenya Punhi) – the Rain God Festival

Festival highlights: Street festivals, Chariot Display, Goddess Kumari Darshan, Masked Dancers & Roleplay

Reach at the Basantapur square, and find a high place to spectate the largest festival in Kathmandu. To put it in perspective, it’s the last day of a week long celebration of feasts, worship and street fest. Apart from the Newar community who organizes it, thousands flock in to spectate the chariot show.

indra jatra festival of nepal

Indra, the god of harvest, is celebrated with roleplay of demons and gods. Lakehy Naach (a dance) will definitely pull your attention along with the crowd, procession, and of course, the glimpse of Kumari, the living goddess of Nepal.

When and Where: 13th of September, afternoon, Basantapur Durbar Square

Godawari Running Festival

Festival highlights: Run, Climb, Crawl, Wrestle a Yeti and win. 2k, 5K, 15K and 50K, live music, DJ & food stall.

All festivals don’t have to be religious, and that’s what Godawari Running Festival shouts out. You will need to book this event with your team members, and pay a small registration fees. The event was hosted by North Face and sponsored by various sporting brands in 2018.

Wake up early and head to Godawari, a forest reserve in Lalitpur district. This event is family friendly, and provides various options based on your fitness level and interest. Both locals and expats participate actively. The most popular choice is definitely the 5K run where the last Kilometers is full of obstacles where you literally hit the dirt!

Festival highlights: 8th of September, 2019, morning, Godawari Park, Lalitpur.

Dashain (Vijaya Dashami)

Festival highlights: Clean and clear road, family fun, swing, trekking season

The greatest festival of Nepal kicks off with a 5 day Government Holiday from 5th to 9th of October in 2019. The Hindus of Nepal consider Dashain as the greatest festival of Nepal which is celebrated for 15 days. This festival is a symbolizes that Good always gets victory over evil. Goddess Durga is worshiped commemorating how the Goddess killed the asur (devil) Mahishasura over a war of 15 days.

October is also one of the best trekking season in Nepal. So it’s likely that you will get a chance to observe and participate if you happen to be at Nepal’s best season.

The main day of Dashain is the 10th Day (Dashami). Juniors receive Tika  and Jamara along with blessings from their elders. The distinct Red Tika on forehead and green rice leaf on their head or ears symbolises the faith of Nepali people in their religion and relationships.

festivals in Nepal dashain swing

From a traveler’s perspective, there might be a lot to see and participate if you are lucky enough to be invited to someone’s house to observe it. Being open, friendly and social are the only way you are going to celebrate this festival as a local.

When and where: 26th to 29th of October, 2020 – all over Nepal

Tihar (Deepawali)

Festival Highlights: Colorful decorations, lights, Dance and Music Events, Worshiping Goddess of wealth Laxmi

Tihar is a fun-filled festival right after Dashain. Wait until sunset, and you will see the whole city come to life with colorful lights, painting the skyline with reds and greens and yellows. Locals go out to play jingles for neighbors and relatives.

Deepawali is celebrated for 5 days (yama panchak). People decorate their houses/workplace with flowers and lights and worship the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi wishing for joy and prosperity in the family.

Worshipping Goddess Laxmi duirng Tihar

The entrance of the house is beautifully decorated with colors to welcome the Goddess.

Rangoli during Deepawali

The last day, Bhai Tika is important among the locals and brothers and sisters wish each other good health and prosperous life with garlands, tika, delicious food and gifts.

When and where: 14th to 16th of October 2020 – all over Nepal


Festival Highlights: Colorful decoration and lights, Dance and Music Events

Christianity being the 5th most practised religion in the country, Chrismas kicks off with markets and malls decorating with Christmas trees, jingle bells and colors. The vive is somewhat similar to Tihar, with people supporting the festival for the positive vibes it brings with colors and lights.

The effect of Christmas is mostly on the urban areas and towns, restaurants and bars. There are also Dance and Music Events happening around the city where you can participate. Expect night events to be organized with popular local and international brands.

When and where: 25th of December, 2019 – Kathmandu, Pokhara and major towns.


Festival Highlights: Native procession and ritual, traditional dance, and folk singing competitions.

Lhosar is the New Year celebration of the mountainous people, most significantly Gurungs, Shepras and others. In fact, the celebration syncs with New Year Celebration in China, Mongolia, Singapore and countries with similar ethnicity.

festivals in Nepal lhosar

Tamu Lhosar is celebrated by the Gurungs, Gyalpo Lhosar by Sherpas and Tamangs, and Sonam Lhosar by the whole Buddhist community.

These festivals were prominient in the mountainous regions in the past, but has been creeping into the city life as the ethnic groups dress up in their local costumes and gather around parks in the cities. However, if one wants a more native and prominient feeling, they should definitely head towards the hills and mountains where the native still live.

When and Where: 31st of December 2019, 25th of January 2020 and 24th of February 2020 – all over Nepal

Holi – Nepal’s festival of color

Festival Highlights: Color and water splash, dance and street festivals, musical events

Brace yourself as the whole country comes alive and active with splash of water and color. Holi is one of the most optimistic and colorful festivals in the world. So much that even some western countries have started to celebrate it.

Be aware as the city streets are more crowded and can be a bit intimidated. As people are colored, masked and drunk, it’s easy to get intimidated and even harassed in crowd. Stay in groups and step be aware.

When and where: 9th of March 2019 in the hilly region and the next day in the Terai.

Other Significant Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is known as a country of festivals. More than 126 native ethnic groups come out with various household, communal, religious and national festival that shape the celebration and activities accordingly. 32 Festivals are classified as National holiday and celebration in the lunar year 2076, whereas there are hundreds of festivals celebrated separately by various ethnic groups.

As some festivals have elevated themselves to national festivals, there are still various ones waiting to be recognized and celebrated by everyone regardless of their caste and religious values.

As you find yourself amid one of these festivals, you will understand how symbolism, communal feeling and strong faith have shaped the diverse culture and tradition of Nepal.

Some honorable mentions of festivals celebrated are as follows:

Buddha Purnima- Celebrated commemorating the birth of Lord Gautam Buddha

Id Al Fitr – Celebrated by the Muslim Community

Ghode Jatra – Horse show in Kathmandu

Shiva Ratri – The night of Lord Shiva

Teej – Greatest Hindu Women Festival

Chhath – A sun-worshipping festival celebrated by Hindus of the Terai.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that you now wish to travel Nepal more. With us, you can be a part of these festivals as they happen. Send us an inquiry, and we will integrate the festival along with the trip of your choice.

Happy traveling!!

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