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Coronavirus Updates, Travel Ban and How to Stay Safe

Published On: March 8, 2020

This page has updates regarding Corona Virus and it’s immediate effects, and links to how to stay safe during this outbreak. Stay safe and updated !!

Updates (8-March-2020):

Total Cases: 106,214

Deaths: 3600

Recovered: 60,215

Currently Infected Patients: 42,399

Travel Ban with Coronavirus

Travel Ban: Many Countries are following strict travel ban, specially to/from mainland China, Iran and Italy where the virus outbreak is concerntrated and growing. The tourism industry has been hit hard by the virus. However, several studies suggest that such ban only helps to contain the virus spread for 3-4 days. But we can imagine the hysteria going over the coronavirus. 

corona virus map nytimes

Nepal has also banned travelers from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan. This measure has come into action as the WHO has pleaded every individual to be responsible and take measures to stay safe in this epidemic.

Traveling in the face of the virus

Many countries have recommended that their citizens stay at home. In Kathmandu, citizens are adviced to work from home because of the virus. 

How to Stay Safe from CoronaVirus

Everybody should know and follow basic hygiene protocols. WHO recommends washing hands for 20 seconds (Hymn Happy Birthday to you twice) and keeping away from crowds and places likely to contain the virus. 

Contact local heath workers

If you have flu, help by reaching out to the health workers instead of taking unnecessary risk. The virus has a high mortality rate (3%).

Is Face Mask a protection against CoronaVirus

Based on experiments, face masks aren’t effective against corona or flu. Because of our social human nature, it is impossible to contain corona virus with masks. In fact, it is recommended that we stop overbuying masks and let them be useful for health workers who need them more right now. 

How Can I help contain this epidemic

Everyone needs to be responsible and can help the world contain this dangerous disease. First we have to stay safe, and then help others.

To be safe from the virus –

Avoid crowds and gatherings, stay indoors rather than outdoor, avoid handshakes and keep distance with other people’s cough and sneeze. 

If you are feeling cold and have flu yourself, cough inside your elbows. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizers when you touch surface where contamination is likely, eg. a restroom door handle.

Cook your food properly

to help destroy any contamination. 

Limit interaction with wild animals

The virus might also be spreading harmless along wild and stray animals, and there is a risk you can catch it from them. 

Symptoms of Corona Virus –  

The virus has flu like symptoms in the beginning. Your temperature rises and there is difficulty in breathing. Coughing and Sneezing are also common. If you have flu, you can visit nearest health station and get checked. You can check more about this disease 

We encourage you to take steps to stay safe and help the world win coronavirus.


Corona Virus Live Update-


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