Best Trekking Company in Nepal for Post Covid 2022

Travel with the best for so many reason again we have to come in market with promotional offer for 2022 and upcoming years. This blog on Best Trekking Company in Nepal for post covid travel 2022 makes it easier for you to choose the best company for your journey if you have any plans to travel to Nepal in the near future.

Nepal is renowned for its glorious mountains and Nepalese who treat their guests as God with the belief “Athiti Devo Bhava”. The Hospitality of the generous citizens of the land of Mount Everest is well known to the world. There are several people involved in the tourism industry striving to make services better each day.

People from around the globe have Nepal in their bucket list to get immersed in the alluring beauty of Nepal. Once someone makes the decision of finally traveling to this nation, a difficult task is to find a suitable agency to cater their needs in the best manner possible.

Here, we are giving out some tips on choosing the Best Trekking Company in Nepal for the trek lovers..

Find Out What You Want?

The foremost task is to know how many days you wish to travel and to which region. There are several options for trekking in Nepal based on your fitness level.

If you do not have any idea about the possibilities, follow our blog Ten Best Treks in Nepal

best trekking company in nepal- view of Kalpatthar

Check for Trustworthy Trekking Agencies

Look up for the trekking agencies who offer the trips that you are seeking for. To ease the choice, you can review the testimonials of previous clients of the companies. Reviews on popular platform like Trip Advisor is also very trustworthy. While checking the reviews, you will get to know more about the services offered by the company and also the staffs they use. 

You can try to get recommendations from your friends who have been to Nepal before.

Check whether the companies you are following have proper affiliations with the local government bodies and genuine registration certificates.

Thoroughly Check the websites of the shortlisted Companies

Once you have the names of the companies, you can check their websites for further information on the services offered by them.

Send Emails to Agencies

You can send emails to multiple agencies so that you can compare between different offers. You will know more about the companies on getting their response. The responsible ones will not just send speedy response but also try to understand your needs better and assist you in making your journey more special. They will also help you with all the customizations required in the programs they offer to better suit your requirements.

Additionally, some companies also provide their WhatsApp/ Viber number with which you can make a quick contact with them and ease the process.

Go through the Offers You Receive: Cost, Inclusions and Quality

After you get response from the agencies, you need to look carefully at their offers so that you do not miss out on anything and get surprises later. The inclusions and exclusions should be clear to you and the quality of service you will be receiving. You can compare the offers and ask the questions that arises in your mind. Remember that reading the responses of the companies, you can find out a lot about them and seeing the speed of their response, you can judge how responsible they are.

Check Their Safety Protocols

Having sorted out your trip, the next step is to find out if the agencies you have selected follow proper safety protocols in the trips. It is very necessary for the guides to have received first aid training and have proper knowledge to deal with emergency situations in the mountains so that they can take fast actions in case of need.

Try to Find out the Experience of the Guides that you are Offered

Group in EBC

As you move on towards finalizing your trip booking, you should also take care regarding who will be your guide and his experience in the mountains so that you can have a safe and memorable journey.

Choose the Best Trekking Company

After your conversations with the agencies and with verified information from them, it should be very simple to choose the best one to help you with your trip.

Same steps as above could be used in finding the Best Tour Agency in Nepal.

Read the valuable reviews from our clients on Trip Advisor and decide if you should also be writing to us to provide you an indelible trip in Nepal. 🙂