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Dear Clients & Travel Partners around the World,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Nepal with Hiking Adventure Treks!

Hiking Adventure Trekking Pvt Ltd is a well-known name in the Nepalese Travel and Tourism Industry.  Serving our clients with long earned experience of mountaineering, trekking, hiking, rafting, and other exhilarating activities since 2011, we have earned our reputation as a successful travel company for organizing and handling trips in the most professional and dedicated manner, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional service and achieve unforgettable travel memories with us.

Since our inception, we have gained a worthy experience to conduct Adventure treks, mountaineering expeditions and tours for groups and individuals alike in different parts of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. Several of our clients are repetitive happy customers who keep coming back for experiencing several of our thirst-quenching travel options that are simply not possible to experience in one short visit.

We are a young and energetic group of travel enthusiasts, working both at the office and on the ground with evident level of energy and passion, to create an unforgettable travel experience for our valuable clients. We were established with a vision to create opportunities for both travellers and our workforce who contribute hand in hand to create and enjoy the best travel experience.

Our management team is co-led by two passionate individuals who have earned their travel expertise by years of involvement in the field in various roles, and a group of trekking professionals and mountaineers. We as a company are clear in the direction of doing business and eager to achieve our goals of providing best service to our customers and anyone eager to travel with us.

Our founders envisioned a need for an organization to pave a trail of improvement for communities; employing and educating people in remote settlements as a way of raising their living standards along with a great travel experience for enthusiasts. Local people are the focal point of any travel experience. It’s the people that are imprinted in the memory of a great travel, their culture, and hospitality, along with the natural thrills that captivate the minds of the travellers. Our Corporate Social Responsibility hence focuses on uplifting the living standard of the communities that are present along our adventurous trails. This care and human-centred work ethic drove the company to actively partake in job creation and make it one of the biggest priorities of the business.

Furthermore, this attitude translates well to our travellers as well, where we use honest communication and transparency to win the hearts of many. The level of the commitment of travellers in Hiking Adventure is not an understatement. The company works hard to provide services that are inclusive and rewarding. Our interaction with clients is driven by an intention of knowledge delivery, whether it’s illustrating a package of the family trek with diverse age groups or simply providing informative knowledge on the various travel options available in the country. This in turns have helped our valuable clients pick the best itinerary that suits their time, purpose and interest. We allocate adequate resources in information system and feedback/review evaluation to ensure that our itineraries are continuously improvised to reach another milestone in each new journey.

One of the key standouts of Hiking Adventure Treks is our strong business principles. The company is adamant about not compromising our service and are seen to practice a sense of holistic ethics. We ensure that each of our client is provided with as much information as possible about the journeys that are viable at the time and circumstance, and that each of our travel packages reflects our policy of “Honesty and Transparency” to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

Hiking Adventure understands the excitement that the Himalayas brings to people, and work in a manner that keeps the organization forever relevant and engaging. We are often seen breaking new trekking grounds, testing out new routes and discovering new activities that our valuable travellers can explore. This spirit of adventure that the company embodies has helped it successfully stand out to be a role model in the industry. We approach a humane approach to business, resulting in an energetic, motivated, professional and cared for staff along with repeated clients. Our itineraries are designed in a sustainable and environmental friendly manner, cutting off carbon where unnecessary and investing in environmental conservation and waste management in the community where we work. We are passionate about Nepal and its beauty, and want to keep it beautiful for generations of travellers to come and enjoy its bliss.

We understand that each traveller has a unique expectation from their adventure. And to achieve that, we go an extra mile to ensure that our clients are amazed by Nepal and the experience we share together throughout the journey, by spending considerable time to understand their needs, and providing the best guidance possible.

We are proud to share with you, the unforgettable journeys that are experienced by hundreds of travellers every year, with our company – The joyous and thrilling travel experience that impatiently waits for you to experience.

Wishing you a memorable and fun-filled stay in Nepal!!

With Best Regards,

Ram Barakoti

Team Leader/ Founder

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