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Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal trips provide you with spectacular views of the mountains and the deep valleys, as well as a chance to become acquainted with the Nepali people’s lifestyle, their art, architecture and cultural traditions.

There are many popular areas for one or two day hikes. Hiking is walking with the purpose of exploring, enjoying the scenery and natural wilderness. It does not necessarily mean it will be hard or too challenging

Hiking takes place on trails in rural or wilderness areas and it is considered shorter than a trekking. Hiking in Nepal is popular among those travelers who want to do trekking, but do not have sufficient time, or are not physically fit for long treks, or are worried about altitude sickness.

Hiking is suitable for children, old or weary trekkers, as it doesn’t entail any particularly long walking days, and there is always plenty to see. You just drive to a start point of a trail and begin the hiking. An average days hiking includes 3 to 6 hours hiking through villages, forests and beside sparkling fresh rivers.

By mid afternoon, depending on the Hike you choose, it is likely you will be comfortably tucked up enjoying a cold drink or a tea. At night you will stay in a modern hotel or resort.

Your belongings will be taken to your destination by private vehicle. You just need a small back pack to carry mineral water, your valuables, and lunch packet, etc.

Your hiking experience will incorporate some of the trekking advantages, such as a day hike along the ridges on the Kathmandu Valley rim, and will also give you an idea of what trekking in Nepal is all about.

Below are several trails around popular destinations in Nepal to select for your hiking.

Hiking in Nepal trips provide you with spectacular views of the mountains and the deep valleys, as well as a c

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Nagarkot Hiking

Nagarkot Hiking 5 Days

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$ 550

Chisapani Hiking

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Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour

Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour 4 Days  |   Max : 2175m

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Dhulikhel Nagarkot Sundarijal Trek

Dhulikhel Nagarkot Sundarijal Trek 4 Days  |   Max : 1700m

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Bandipur Hiking

Bandipur Hiking 7 Days

Bandipur Hiking tour takes you to the living museum of Newari people of Nepal. Located in the middle…


Daman Hiking

Daman Hiking 6 Days  |   Max : 2100m

Daman Hiking is a exploratory travel option in a beautiful village south of Kathmandu Valley. From Kathmandu, we…


$ 500