Celebrating World Tourism Day 2019 in September
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Celebrating World Tourism Day 2019 in September

Published On: September 27, 2019 Celebrating World Tourism Day 2019 in September

As the year 2019 is nearly wrapped up with just 4 months left, today the whole globe observed and celebrated World Tourism Day. As of this morning, Nepal Tourism Board organized a welcome event to all the tourists inbound during that time, and welcomed them with greetings for their journey.

Nepal is celebrating the whole next year appreciating and promoting tourism. The campaign is called “Visit Nepal 2020” and its main objective is welcome 2 million visitors in the same year. Tourism makes 5% of the country’s GDP. In fact, tourism has been the backbone of Nepal since the 80’s and 90’s. Therefore, calculating the whole ecosystem just with the GDP isn’t enough. For instance, tourism has a lot of impact on the culture, development and other globalization factors.

Nepal boasts world’s largest mountains, most diverse trekking trails, unique culture, history and a fair climate. These are all the factors that jointly attract the visitors. And the cost of living is not that high. This means that tourists can experience more by spending less.

In September, we were out on a trip to Ghorepani Poonhill Trek with a group of 21 Spanish People. And just last month we were working together with differently abled Israeli group to measure the Annapurna Circuit. As we travel and show you the mountains, we also take this change to do something good to the community where we are traveling.

Through our journey, we have to realise the importance of sustainable tourism, as we also need to keep our heritages and natural resources clean and intact. We also need to be keen on the social and political issues in the community where we are traveling. This helps us to spread the good of tourism to all parts of the country, and not just in the capital.

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Traveling responsibly means keeping an awareness of the local culture and tradition in mind, rather than just moving hastily. The only way travel makes us wise is if we immerse. And Nepal has so many opportunities for that. The local people are amazing as they reach out to help and support the travelers. Often, westerners used to the coldness and solo life are amazed by the Nepal’s communal culture, traditions and activities.

Promoting our local hotspots, increasing facilities, building infrastructures are as important as setting up various rules and regulations to conserve the environment. Tourism brings in a lot of trash, and even though we work with local communities and organizations to clean up our own. Some good observations from our recent trek to Ghorepani was the ban of single use plastics in the region. This rule has alone saved a lot of single use water bottles, and helped keep our surroundings clean.

Even though such actions seems like not much to many, they have a lot of impact in setting up the good habits and culture. The Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign aims to bring in 2 million tourists. This will certainly help boost Nepal’s economy. As we expand our capabilities to provide the best service and travel experience to our clients, we are also aware and taking individual steps to combat the challenges that come with it.

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We are ready to travel and inspire to travel with you. If you want to experience Nepal in its whole, we would like you to welcome you with all our heart and help you experience the most that this beautiful nation has to offer.