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Nepal is not only popular for the legendary Himalayas, but also for the rivers that originate from them these snow massifs. Rafting and kayaking across the mighty Himalayan rivers just is one of the many thrills that Nepal offers to adventure enthusiasts. Many of our client in the past have had us design a trekking itinerary with two or three days of rafting in between. Nepal is one of the best destination in the world for white water rafting. Trishuli River and Bhotekoshi River is the best for white water rafting among other. Rafting and Kayaking is the adventures and thriller sports ourdoor activities in Nepal. If you have short duration to visit Nepal and you want adventures activities in your short stay in Nepal, thus white water rafting and Kayaking is good idea for you.

Rafting in Trishuli

Trishuli river rafting is one of the most popular river day trips. It is a short drive from Kathmandu city for 3-4 hours towards west. Trishuli river rafting epitomizes a mix of divine vistas, fluctuated wildlife and also white river fun. Huge bouncy waves, healthy openings, and precarious chutes all go towards making an elating ride to recall with class 2-3 Rivers. Trishuli stream is a great spot for those searching for a short stream trip, without the challenge of colossal rapids, yet with some extremely energizing rapids, with lovely landscape and a generally peaceful environment. September to May is the best season for rafting here.

Bhotekoshi Rafting

Alongside bungee jumping, Bhotekoshi River is also a famous destination for white river rafting. Bhotekoshi River Rafting is brimming with energizing chasms between the mountain valleys. These crevasses are drastically audacious and rapids are challenging with huge bobs. The upper end of Bhotekoshi is located at Barabise and the lower end at Lamosangu. The rafting point of Bhotekoshi is put in Lamosangu and take off point is the Sukute Beach. It offers the nearest class 5 whitewater rafting experience on utterly hasty flowing mountain river.

Sunkoshi Rafting

Sunkoshi River, also known as the river of gold lies in Nepal and is one of the 10th classic and best whitewater rafting in the world. Sunkoshi is an erratic stream, it has its own particular aura, quiet and serene for a moment, wile and turbulent the following, continually changing and challenging, a definitive in the river adventure. Sunkoshi stream rafting is a perfect outing for those needing to consolidate tranquil extends of staggering view, some extraordinary and testing rapids and the experience of a long outing where deeply rooted kinships can frequently start. Other than this sheer amazing whitewater rafting against thundering rapids from the put-in point beneath the Village of Lamosangu to the put-out point at Chatara, we can have cultural experiences as we approach pristine villas on terraced slopes.

Karnali Rafting

For those desiring the acute whitewater rafting experience, Karnali River rafting is the best adventure spot for them. Karnali River is Nepal’s biggest and greatest river with a length of 507km (314mile). It starts on Tibetan Plateau close to Mt. Mansarovar in Tibet and moves through the Himalayas with remarkable chasms and tropical woods, remote towns and natural life in Nepal. As the waterway moves through some very thin gorge the stream of the water increments, as does the recurrence of the rapids. It has the extra favored viewpoint of the take-out point being ideally orchestrated those wishing to visit Bardia National Park. The put in point is located at Sauli whereas the take-off point is situated at Chisapani.