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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal one of the of the most exciting walking adventure activities in Nepal.Hundred of divine epochs wouldn’t suffer to describe all the marvels of Himalayas. Nepal is a fabled shangri-la for innumerable tourists, travelers,explorers, seekers and trekkers who visit this tiny yet fabulous country each year.  They come here in far greater numbers than to any other Himalayan country. One is never disappointed  and is sure to find great wealth in Nepal.

To travel along the routes that are popular with trekkers things have changed considerably these days. There are abundant facilities, hotels and home stays, improved trails and imported foods.  There are quite a number of different ways to trek in Nepal, the aspiring trekker has to determine for themselves what best suits their needs, time constraints and budget.

Remember, your trekking must be an organised one. We, specialize in providing all the necessary services possible to trek. We also arrange trek during the monsoon seasons which corresponds to western summer holidays. It is an unquestionably beautiful season to trek in this season everything you see is spectacular lush and green. The physical infrastructure is much better compared to those early days when trekking first started in Nepal. Better Bridges, mountain lodges, better communication, more suppliers available. Likewise Nepal has many more other trekker sites going your memorable and mystic feel. The spectacular snow capped mountain towering on one side is enough to reach your irrestible desire to go on and on. October to May provides the usual trekking seasons in Nepal.

Along with forests of rhododendron, temples and monasteries, a multitude of birds and animals, you will also encounter many small mountain villages. In these isolated hamlets, friendly people of diverse cultures offer a fascinating glimpse of traditional rural life. And in the background, every step of the way, is the magnificent presence of the Himalayan peaks - providing breathtaking panoramic views.Trekking holiday usually consists of a series of ascents and descents walking 5 to 7 hours (9 to 14 km per day on average with a guide, cook and porters and on some occasion’s pack animals.

The objective of trekking is not just the particular destination, but also the journey itself. You travel at a modest pace, observing nature, rural communities, and spectacular mountain panoramas.
It’s not unusual to cross snowfields in the morning and bathe in sub-tropical streams in the afternoon. For the most part, trekking routes are well traveled by local people, but remain unmarked without signposts. Trekkers rely on our staff for trail finding and an introduction to the local people, culture, religion, and lifestyle. A trekking route will often pass through forests of rhododendron, bamboo, oak, and hemlock, visiting one or two villages each day. Rivers are crossed on log passages or suspension bridges. Our job is to ensure your comfort and safety as we take you where you want to go, at your own pace. We show you what you have come to see, and help you discover things you had no idea were there. We offer a wide selection of different treks to suit both novices and experienced trekkers. Whether you have two days or two months to spend in the Himalayas, we can tailor- make itineraries to suit your needs.

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Everest Trekking

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Remote Area Trekking

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Remote Area Trekking introduces a wild and isolated Nepal to the travelers. In exchange, travelers need a special permit from the Nepal government to enter the otherwise "Restricted...

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Manaslu Trekking

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Manaslu Circuit Trek sees a very few numbers of trekkers comparing to the other treks in Nepal. It has the highest inclination of 5,160m at Larkya La Pass...

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